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Aiming to create the greatest gaming community and spread the love for the amazing virtual reality that we all enjoy so much.

Over here you’ll be able to find gaming news, guides, tutorials, hacks, cheats and pretty much anything that’s gaming related, in the future we’ll extend in other areas aswell, because we are as proud of being gamers as we are of being geeks and movie lovers, beside other things.

Now, a few words about us…

We started out as three passionate gamers who shared the same dream: to create the greatest gamming community ever. OnlineGameHounds is a modern, twenty-one century, gaming platform that provides fellow gamers with the latest news in industry through photos, videos, articles and what so not. This is just the beginning, we plan on expanding to other domains as well, like mobile phones, new technology, gadgets, software and a lot more, we really enjoy what we do and that’s why we put so much passion in it, we are very sure that our community will grow into something great in a very short time, and we can’t wait for that to happen as we’ve got so many things planned for you guys!


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