A Guide to Proper Black Jack Etiquette

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It takes more than a good strategy and winning a lot of money to be a good Black Jack player. Equally important is the respect of other players and one way to do that is by simply observing and following Black Jack etiquette.

Among the first things that should you strive to learn are the conventions used in the betting. Do not go over to the dealer while the game is in progress. Only after the final hand is dealt you should approach and purchase playing chips. Because some casinos allow cash wagers in lieu of chips, you should specify that you want to replace your cash with chips.

Another Black Jack etiquette, applicable to most online casino games, is that the chips should be arranged with the lowest values at the top. This is very important, because a deviation from this setup means the dealer will have to rearrange your stack, causing a delay.

As with other activities in gambling establishments, it is prohibited to touch your wagers once the hand is dealt. A Black Jack etiquette you should be familiar are the hand signals used during the game in online casino as well as land-based casino. The conventions and signs used differ from cards that are dealt face up or down, so it is important to be well versed in both.

If at any point during the game you feel the need to leave your seat, notify the dealer. Of course, whenever possible only get up after a hand, not while the online casino game is in progress. Whatever necessities your temporary leaving of the table, do not take too long; the last thing you want to do is to make the dealer and other players wait.

Black Jack etiquette also includes the following: do not deride or ridicule a player who gets busted, nor should you blame someone else for the loss. While it is all right to be cordial to people, remember that they came to play, not to engage in small talk.

Avoid excessive drinking. If you want to take a drink or eat, do so after each hand, not during. Not only is it impolite; you risk spilling some on your cards.

Black Jack requires strategy, so it is vital that you have one and not sought advice from the croupier. As for tipping, this varies from casino to casino, but be sure to tip, no matter the amount, whether you win or lose.

It is not so much the size that will matter, but the fact that you give it out, regardless of the game outcome, is something that will earn you respect and admiration.

The bottom line is that you should always be courteous and well mannered. By observing Black Jack etiquette diligently, you will earn the approval and high regard of the casino staff, something that all the money in the world cannot buy.

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