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Today we’re going to be reviewing bet365, one of the largest sportsbooks in the world. bet365 been around for close to 40 years and they’re a bit of an anomaly in sports betting, in that their family owned & operated.

As i understand it, very public people. They come to work every day. They own Stokes premier league team and it’s allowed them to sort of become the Walmart of sports betting. Because of that you’re going to get bonuses from them for deposits for various levels as appropriate to the amount that you’re ready to deposit.They also offer a fair amount of in-game free bets which are really interesting bonus types on specific games. Their are odds are average. Sometimes you can find value there versus other sports books.

Where they really differentiate themselves is the massive selection of sports betting options they have. They cover events worldwide, and as best I can tell have more odds on more sports than any other sports book. The other product that really makes them stand out is they offer a live streaming service along with live betting. If you’re a cord cutter bet365 allows you to watch a lot of tier two games from around the world streamed right to your computer for free. That alone makes it worth making a deposit of bet365 and having an account. You also are able to live bet on more events than any other sportsbook that i found.

Not just televised events but events essentially from everywhere. What that helps you do is if you placed a pregame bet someplace else, then go and hedge your bet live by live betting on bet365 or or take your profits early. Which brings me to another really important differentiator: bet365 allows you to buy out of your bets early so have you should have picked a dog that goes up early in the game but you’re worried about the comeback usually you can cash out with a pretty tidy profit early in the game before that swing happens. It gives you a lot more options. A better feeling of security that you can get out of your bet, regardless of what’s going on on the field. For that reason i’d recommend that you have a bet365 account in your stable of sportsbooks.

Possibly your second account. They’re very trustworthy sportsbook, large, no problem depositing money but they will allow you the options to look at different markets as you see. If you took anything away from this video please remember to hit like and subscribe to the channel.

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