Blackjack 101: Blackjack Etiquette

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It’s one of those things where you do not have a choice: blackjack etiquette in a live casino is a must. Gambling is a social activity, and social activities always have standards of behavior to go with them.

Blackjack Etiquette

1. To begin with, make sure you can afford the betting limits of the blackjack table prior to buying in. This will save you from an unforgettable embarrassment later on.

2. Next, go to the table. If you arrive in the middle of a game, wait. After the game and the dealer is shuffling, place your money in front of you but do not give it to the dealer.

3. You may be offered a colored card known as a cut card. Place it anywhere in the deck (or decks since this will most likely be a multiple deck game) but not too close to either the top or bottom. If you are offered to cut it by hand (if it’s a single deck game), use only one of your hands. Again, don’t cut too high or too low in the deck. Never handle the cards too much or you might appear to be tampering with it.

4. Place your bet before the start of a new hand. Lay our chips on the betting circle in front of you. Stack up the chips if there is more than one. If you bet with chips of different values, place the higher valued chips under the lower ones.

5. Do not touch the cards if they are dealt to you face-up. If face-down, hold them but keep them where the dealer can see them – above the table.

6. To hit, scratch the table.

7. To double down, place your double bet beside the first one. The dealer will place your third card over the other two. Do not turn it up; the dealer will resolve it when it is your turn.

8. To split, say “split” and point to the cards when it is your turn. Always wait for your turn before making a move. You can also place your split bet like you do with the double down. If the cards are paired, the dealer will assume it is a split.

9. If you get a pair and you want to double rather than split, raise a finger and speak verbally, “one card” to the dealer.

10. Be sober. If you drink, try to keep quiet. If you win a blackjack or are on a winning streak, don’t gloat. Be friendly and tip the dealer.

11. Don’t be greedy. Wait for all hands to be settled before you pick up your winnings. Stack them up neatly near the rail in front of you.

Blackjack etiquette is basic knowledge for every gambler. Always adhere to these norms. Your experience will be more enjoyable because of it.

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