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Starting Out

Clash of Kings is a new real time strategy game that lets you interact with other people from across the world to conquer other kingdoms, defeat armies, and build your base. Available on both iOS and Android devices, you can finally live your dream as a medieval ruler of a vast and ever-expanding world!

There are 7 fantasy kingdoms available in the game for you to conquer. You have to assemble armies and attack adversaries in order to obtain the necessary resources to expand your base. Every day is a new experience, thanks to the PVP feature that lets you play with other people and climb the rankings. The game is free-to-play, but it has in-game purchases that require real money, if you haven’t heard about this game yet there here are some useful links for you, Clash of King’s official facebook page, google play link and itunes link, as for the Clash of Kings Hack, we’ll be talking about that later on.

A lot of Clash of Kings guides out there require having level 15 castles, which is something only intermediate to advanced players have. Fortunately, in this section we’ll help you hit the ground running with these Clash of Kings tips and tricks:

  • Invest on hospitals and military tents (have at least eight of each). Hospitals will save you quite a lot of time and resources, whereas adding military tents lets you train more soldiers quickly.
  • Gather similar infrastructures in a single spot so you can keep track of upgrades easily.
  • Be stealthy and a bit random. Randomly teleporting every few days or weeks helps you stay safe from strategic attacks, while giving you a chance to land near castles with vast amount of resources.
  • Food should be the last priority in terms of resource gathering because of the upkeep (hourly food upkeep is a nightmare especially for large troops).

Clash of Kings Cheats

For people who aren’t too used to server-sided games, they’d often search for Clash of Kings hacks, Clash of Kings no-survey cheats, etc. Eventually they’d stumble upon sites and YouTube videos that claim to have a Clash of Kings unlimited gold cheats tutorial, Clash of Kings activation codes, etc. Take note that as of this month, there WAS no such thing as a legitimate Clash of Kings Hack – free, no survey, or even paid. That is why we decided to bring to you the only true Clash of Kings Hack, created by a team of hackers specialized in such things, this will be the only thing you need to start enjoying this game for real. Read on to learn more about the game and other ways to get gold and food that are way less efficient but still work, without resorting on Clash of Kings Cheats as a last salvation, we shall get back on the Clash of Kings Hack later.

Take advantage of CoK’s pre-rewards – want some quick gold? Simply go to the settings of your profile, tap the invite icon, and then invite friends to play CoK. They’ll, of course, have to input your invitation code before you get your reward. The rewards typically consist of gold, food, wood, and a speedup boost that typically lasts an hour.
Join Daily Events – there are events held daily that gives you different rewards you when you accomplish them. This is an easy way to get a couple thousand gold, so don’t forget to get to participate in these events!
Gamble a Little – Feeling a bit lucky? Sometimes the biggest rewards come not with sheer hard work but with luck; some people have not even come close to spending dozens of dragon coins before winning a few thousand gold.
Connect the game to your Facebook account – by connecting your Facebook account to your Clash of Kings account, you not only gain 100 gold instantly, but you also make sure that the hours you’ve spent building your kingdom does not go to waste should you accidentally uninstall Clash of Kings or lose your device.

Stay tuned to the Clash of Kings Facebook page – if you’re going to kill time on social media, might as well keep yourself updated on promos and events in the Clash of Kings Facebook page. There are, in fact, events that rely on Facebook likes and other social media related actions that benefit the community in the form of free activation codes and other goodies.

Now that you know some of the most important yet surprisingly glossed over tips and tricks to get more gold, wood, food, etc., the next part addresses three of the most asked, non-gameplay-related questions about Clash of Kings: how to backup, restore, and transfer your Clash of Kings account to another device.


Unlike older computer games that only require you to save your game data in another location, mobile apps tend to have less accessible file structures for security reasons. A lot of people have been asking about how to backup Clash of Kings so they don’t have to start from scratch when they buy a new device. Fortunately, for android, you only need to bind your CoK account with your Facebook or Google+ account. You can do this by tapping on your avatar image, tapping the settings button, tapping on the account button, pressing the bind account button, and then finally choosing between the Facebook or Google+ bind button.


If you’ve lost your account, fortunately CoK makes it easy for you to retrieve your old files without resorting to third party apps. You will, however, need to have bound your account to your Facebook or Google+ account as mentioned earlier, otherwise you would have to resort to fiddling with the internal file structure of the game and possibly losing your files altogether. The process is similar to backing up your game since you also need to tap the Facebook or Google bind button to sign in in order to retrieve your data.


Need to transfer your account to a new device? Fortunately, you don’t need advanced tutorials to do this; you’d only need to install CoK on your new device (obviously), and then go to your account settings and find the Switch Account option, choosing between the Facebook or Google+ bind button. Again, you’ll need to have bound your CoK account to Facebook or Google+ for this to work, as the server will sync your data across the two devices automatically when you tap the Switch Account option.

What about iOS?

A lot of people using iOS devices frantically search for guides on how to transfer Clash of Kings data to new iPhone or iPad devices and even stumble upon guides that mislead them into downloading malicious apps. While it’s true that the procedure is a bit different from that of Android devices, it doesn’t have to be convoluted and confusing; go ahead and tap settings, and then take a look at the game instructions to know where to go next regarding game data backups, retrievals, and transfers for iOS devices.


Clash of Kings has millions of players worldwide, yet thousands of players quit everyday either when they lose their accounts due to device glitches or when they find the game too difficult and complex to enjoy. Using the tips you have found in this guide you’ll never lose your account to any device glitches, so you can exclude that possibility, now, about the difficulty of the game, it only gets really difficult if you don’t have money to spend on it, if you do then it scales really well, but for those that don’t have the money we have the solution, as we talked before, there is a Clash of Kings Hack, and we are making it public today, for all the players that struggle with the game. I am pretty sure that using our Clash of Kings Gold Hack and Clash of Kings Cheats will really improve your overall Clash of Kings experience as Hacking Clash of Kings is something that many people desire, that’s why terms like “how to get free gold in Clash of Kings” or “Clash of Kings Triche, Clash of Kings Astuce, Clash of Kings Hacker” have become so popular.

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