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Firstly, if you don’t speak Bahasa, no need to panic. English is widely spoken I will say that it does go a long way to learn a few local phrases So it is worth putting in the effort. If you want to say, thank you – ‘terima kasih’ You’re welcome – ‘sama sama’.

Little things like that go a really long way. It can be really hot, humid and muggy in Kuala Lumpur as me and my hair… and my spanx learned ohh it was a real sweaty situation so make sure you pack accordingly I’ll give you some more packing tips in the moment, but you’re gonna want to keep that in mind You need to stay hydrated, lots of water. Less beer, more water. Malaysian locals are lovely, The absolute loveliest people. We have a couple of friends in Kuala Lumpur And they’re just the nicest people. I had heard a lot of issues around taxi scams We found it was easy and affordable Just to catch Uber everywhere we went.

One thing about the Uber is that we did have to pay cash We ended up getting a SIM card when we got there because it was just easier than stuffing around with cabs or trying to catch a public transport. The traffic is mad. You need to plan what you’re doing around the traffic It’s that bad.

If you’re going to the casino or for online blackjack singapore You need to make sure you allow more time if you’re traveling in those peak times If you are planning on doing some shopping in the streets brush up on your haggling skills and don’t be afraid to barter with street vendors One thing I really want you to keep in mind is that Malaysia is a conservative country It’s probably not appropriate to walk around in your Kylie Minogue gold booty shorts You know, ample bossom hanging out showing lots of mid-riff Be a good human, be a respectful traveller and be aware the Malaysia is a conservative country With its warm weather, Kuala Lumpur Is a great destination pretty much all year round. That said the wetter months are March to April To November so you might want to avoid that if you don’t like getting your hair. Wet or you just go to perm Thank seasons tends to be maybe August and December through February. Those are really the best times to visit They don’t keep in mind.

She hot. We found we were there in May that there were a lot of afternoon storms It didn’t ruin our holiday at all and I would need to learn about avoiding the rain unless you are going to be hitting those monsoon seasons just be sure to have some wet weather gear with you and When that rain hits don’t try and use the roads because that famous ko traffic is gonna getcha We were lucky enough to stay at the away shirt Suites, Kuala lumper it was a hosted trip for us I love to the place and my mum was with me, and she’s a really fussy hotel person, and she was obsessed with it It’s right in heart of the Golden Triangle if you haven’t heard a Golden Triangle before it’s a triangle and it’s gold It’s a famous part of Kuala Lumpur it just encompasses. You know some of the major areas and three major streets That’s where you’re going to want to face yourself, so you can get around easily find the good food Finally be shopping and see all the things that you want to see you had so much space so is the kitchen air Washing machine a full fridge the bedrooms.

They also have an insane roof up We went older Syndicale upon hucklebuck city to us. I usually steal the tourist packs on their season like oh you missus survey What’s really travel is fine backroads? Ah it’s so good KL.

It’s really humid I know I’ve said it a thousand times, but you can’t be out walking around in that all day So we saw everything on the way around and then we get a really good sense of okay What’s the actual layout of this tabs? I definitely recommend KL tower. That was right next to our hotel Lo Asia And it was just beautiful up there be sure to take a little bit of time to wonder the streets of Little India I loved all the bright colored textiles beautiful bangles henna get your eyebrows threaded and The food oh my gosh the food shop up a storm in bukit bintang This is where you see all the huge bowls for All of these shops if you came to scoop up a bargain on to knockoff goods and all practice your haggling skills the Petaling Street Market and the Central Market are your spots if you have time you might like to play the trip out to the battery caves look I didn’t make it, but I know you can do it also visit this stunning Petronas Towers.

They are like some kind of chandelier Gothic Great Gatsby thing going on just just hang out of the earth super dramatic If you came to tryout Hulka style straight through it directly to Jalan Alor this incredible food street comes alive at night restaurants people yelling You want to eat where the locals eat our beautiful friend Ruby she took us to camp on guru This is the real locals place if you love a really good nasi lemak This is where you want to go my favorite place to eat in Little India slash Brickfields was a place called sera buona Oven Robin I’m alive One of those is rice and lastly if you find yourself in Chinatown be sure to eat and following restaurants Kim Lee on key life on restaurant coffee ammo and explore Merchants Lane I can’t remember all those things so I have to read up my notes. Please don’t judge me.

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