Overnight in Vietnam (Partying & NightLife in Ho Chi Minh City)

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There are foreigners everywhere People are having a good time. Oh my gulay (veggies)! Alright, so we just finished dinner at this Hipster snail soup [chicken] [tending] [place] [look] at the beats Choice of music is funny there, so how’s the nightlife here in Vietnam? the night life in Vietnam, in the Ho Chi Minh at least, it starts early finishes early, so what time, so it starts at 6 6 p.m.. Is when it starts that’s when people get [out] of work in the philippines work, get out of work and then You start you start drinking?

Yeah? There’s no traffic So you can go straight [to] the drinks and what time do people finish by here my [friend] By 10 they’re really really drunk already so we go home. 10 o’clock is where you like think of going out? That’s when you like start deciding in to go out like in Europe you go out at [2] a.m.. Yeah 12 a.m. It’s crazy, and the establishments also close at 10 10 p.m.. Is [when] they [close] That is so early well, you know in San Francisco We thought it closed early there in San Francisco everything closes at 2 a.m. We’re gonna see what we can do with the nightlife. I guess everyone’s probably already drunk right now.

It’s 8 p.m. But we’re first going to hit up a coffee shop since that’s a must do over here Get our energy up and then check out the party scene or best first deposit casino bonuses canada. So we’re just crossing the street, and there’s like just 30 Motorcycles a stampede [of] them coming at us and the only way to do it I guess is you just look them in the eye And then they avoid you but I wasn’t filming it because I was kind of terrified But really we’re just walking through the street, and they’re just like [sound effects], it’s crazy! So right now.

We’re at like Chica Central or cupcake Central where? It’s like motorcycles in a day every single one look, look to my right Motorcycle in the day, but it’s interesting uh-huh that guy just got slapped Everyone’s so friendly at least they smile and stuff [I] don’t know how vlogging would be like in the US or something I could not just point the camera at people But here. It’s kind of like the Philippines where you know people, people are friendly to the camera Which is a really good thing I like here about southeast asia makes vlogging a lot more easier when people don’t want [to] kill you Look in the eye Stare in the eye. [oh] my gosh. What is this up, is there a poke stop or something?

There’s pikachu’s everywhere So right now. We’re at a bottom of the Luneta Park, right? of ho chi minh city like the New York times square of it all This is where everyone comes to hang out have fun. There are a lot of people Should be a, it’s couple central. This is like the perfect place for a date. I’m so kilig Hi makers Sanjay So it looks like they have some skateboarders performing tricks downstairs, and so we ordered.

What did we get? [cà phê sữa đá] we went with the cà phê sữa đá which is like, it’s the Yeah Vietnamese milk coffee there we are All right, so we have our cà phê sữa đá (milk coffee) very sweet Extremely sweet it tastes really good though. [I] like it.

It’s like [a] dessert, so this is what’s usually sold on the street for $10,000 which is about 20 pesos which is about 36 cents there a lot conversions, I got filipino American, dong In the Philippines ‘dong’ means like, what’s up little er I don’t know. I just want to plug this country Aha plug the country. I’m [gonna] put because the wi-Fi here in Vietnam is so good everywhere you go. It’s available It’s free and it’s super fast it’s like a vlogger’s Paradise.

and even the wifi lan is very cheap It’s cheap. It’s also cheap It’s really true. They don’t have service water they have service tea.

Which I love It’s just the healthy version of water healthier version of water that is [cheers], or as they say here. Yo yo, yo [alright]. We are now off [to] the party scene. We got our coffee, and it’s 9:00 p.m. We only have one hour before the bars close, and it is so nice to have a fellow Filipino [Miss] muffy Just you know taking us around [we] would be totally lost without you, so it’s my pleasure it’s funny because So there’s a lot of filipinos You’re telling me here and a lot of them are teachers here English teachers and in advertising okay it’s interesting they have Filipinos teaching English in Vietnam yeah So we are here in Boyd vn. Street. This is the happening street here in ho chi, Minh City It’s where there’s the restaurants drinks foreigners, girlies .

Whatever you’re into. It’s all here It’s kind of like the malate of the philippines, there are a lot of foreigners everywhere People are having a good time. Oh my gulay (veggies) so That was a nice little beautiful sequence just to get you guys familiar with the colorful antics going around on this street Okay, sorry and now we ordered some balut and clams Chibog time let’s try it out. This is that duck fetus thing I was telling you guys about you foreigners who aren’t familiar with one of these filipino?

Delicacies which they also eat here, let’s check it out In the philippines they use vinegar, but here they use a what is that they use kalamansi with pepper and salt And chili so it’s spicy [here] you can see the eyeballs the eyeballs are really big look at that Alright guys. It’s getting late. Oh, here’s our taxi So on that note. I think I’m gonna call it a vlog we got a text from world wander And we have a bus early in the morning [7] [a.m.].

[Papunta] going to phnom penh in Cambodia so yeah, I guess I’ll see you guys there if you guys have any suggestions of [things] to do in Cambodia and Mister An [goodnight] Moppy you’re a legend, what is that, what’s it for This is all for the vlog Breathe it be.

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